Top 10 Aluminium Companies In Pakistan

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Aluminium is basically a metal used mainly in house windows. The building of modern houses and large towers has increased the use of aluminium. Everyone is in the search of best affordable aluminium products. That’s why we are going to share the top 10 aluminium brands in order to help you to find the best aluminium in the market. So check the list.

List of Top 10 aluminium brands in Pakistan:
  • Chawla Aluminium
  • Prime Aluminium
  • Alcon Aluminium
  • Lucky Aluminium
  • Alco Aluminium
  • GR Aluminium
  • Ittehad Aluminium
  • Standard Aluminium
  • Al-Fattah Aluminium
  • APL Aluminium

1. Chawla Aluminium

Chawla aluminium was founded 40 years back and now it is considered to be the pioneer in the aluminium industry. The trust of users in Chawla aluminium has grown to a high extent till now. Chawla Group with the unmatched expertise of its professional has now enriched its customer-centred growth even further by introducing the processing and customization of glass. Chawla group has played a vital role in the increasing market of aluminium. Chawla Aluminium is considered a pioneer among its competitors because of its large manufacturing. That’s why the Chawla group has got many projects on a large scale. This shows the interest of consumers in Chawla aluminium.


2. Prime Aluminium

Prime aluminium is the world’s leading aluminium solution provider. Prime aluminium is shaping the sustainable future of Pakistan through innovative aluminium solutions with over 15 years of experience in the aluminium industry. They use the latest technologies and do the necessary research required to create the best affordable product for Pakistan. They make their products to international standards and have received multiple awards for the best quality of metal extrusion and anodizing. They make state-of-the-art 380 different types of aluminium profiles. Prime aluminium was the first ever company in Pakistan to introduce a vast range of colours in aluminium.


3. Alcon Aluminium

Alcon Aluminium is a mid-range aluminium company which provides the best quality along with the best affordable prices. They are quite a new manufacturing and fabrication industry that specialises in developing ground & sustainable aluminium solutions in windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding, cleaning, spider glazing systems, composite panels & much more.


4. Lucky Aluminium

Lucky Aluminium Private Ltd (LAPL) was established in 1980 by Mr Ch. Naimuddin is a small company and now after 31 years (LAPL) is the biggest name in the aluminium industry in Pakistan. Today, the “LUCKY” brand stands for innovation, foresight and high value for money. They have had the honour of introducing ground-breaking technologies in the Pakistani Aluminium Industry. Spectrometry, billet Casting, Powder Powder Technology, and CNC die-making, technologies introduced by them have revolutionized the Aluminium Profile Extrusion business in Pakistan. They are headquartered in Karachi, but they have a very strong presence in Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. In all other parts of the country, they are represented by a network of dealers and their sub-dealers.


5. Alco Aluminium

Alco Aluminium is a leading aluminium company. Since 1976 Alco is providing very good quality. Any Company is related to its machines and modern line systems. Pakistan Alco has its imported British Standard Extrusion Plant for extruding fine quality aluminium. They have a complete solution to anodize any colour from silver to champagne and champagne to bronze by electrolytic colouring process producing high-quality aluminium keeping BRITISH STANDARD-1615 as Quality. These anodized profiles are resistant to weather conditions thus guaranteeing a long life. Pakistan Alco has its vacuumed powder coating plant. They have a large colour range among all other brands.


6. GR Aluminium

In Pakistan, the G.R. Metal industry is the leading metal products manufacturing industry working since 1985. It has achieved major milestones in the production of Aluminum, Brass & Copper products. Since 1985 to the present, GR aluminium has contributed to the developmental success of Aluminium & Copper in Pakistan. The market of GR Metal is expanding rapidly because of its standard & quality products. To meet the market, GR Metal has allocated its two industries working previously in Gujranwala to operate on Copper & Brass and the industry which is positioned in Lahore has been made a separate industry for Aluminium production. Their anodizing unit is imported where 12-25 microns can be obtained. To maintain standards, all the chemicals used in this process are imported by the company itself. A high standard of sealing & quality process is the guarantee of their standard.

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7. Ittehad Aluminium

The Management of Ittehad Aluminium Industries has been in the Aluminium fabrication business since 1980 in Pakistan & abroad. This has enabled a lot of practical experience and extensive content in the related business community. It is strongly believed that customers can be offered optimum solutions with the highest quality & economy. Ittehad Aluminium Industries uses superior quality billet, made of alloy 6063. The Billet is an internationally acclaimed Aluminium raw material meeting standards of quality Aluminium profiles.


8. Standard Aluminium

Standard Aluminium Industries is Pakistan’s leading non-ferrous metal products manufacturing industry working since 1985. It has achieved major milestones in the production of Aluminum, Brass & Copper products. The standard Aluminium industry has contributed a lot to the developmental success of the Aluminium sector in Pakistan. The Team Standard Aluminium is working hard day & night with honesty & passion to raise standards in the market and also to meet the demands of its loyal customers. They are rapidly expanding their market share with their innovation and quality products. Standard Aluminium industries are earnest to delivering the highest of standard products & services to clients giving them access to the widest spectrum of technology & material.


9. Al-Fattah Aluminium

Al-Fattah ALuminium has Pakistan’s first European aluminium plant. This plant is very unique in Pakistan. All products are made according to high American and European standards. AL-FATTAH Group through its indigenous vision realized that now it has become essential to improve the most sophisticated building Aluminium Sections in Pakistan. So, keeping in view the market needs, Al-Fattah group has installed the latest Italian Aluminium Extrusion Plant & Anodizing plant to fill this gap in the market. AL-FATTAH is committed to total customer satisfaction through professional support and services, innovative custom-engineered solutions for all technical challenges, engineering excellence, quality, on-time delivery, and service to meet our obligations to society and the environment.


10. Apl Aluminium

APL Aluminium was founded 35 years ago and now it has become a dependable aluminium leader in the industry. APL Company is a manufacturer of aluminium products that include windows, doors, curtain walls, balustrade canopies other architectural & industrial aluminium elements. They are operating in the construction industry and servicing middle-to-upper niche markets in various sectors from industrial and commercial to private residences. They have three further brands which are Guardian aluminium, Fine aluminium and Smart aluminium.


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