Top 20 Electric Fan Brands in Pakistan | Best ceiling fan in Pakistan

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1. GFC Fans

Established in 1954, G.F.C. is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality electric fans in Pakistan. They have an extensive distribution network all over the Globe. For the last 60 years, G.F.C has been a pioneer of the highest quality products in the region. Our fans are designed and manufactured to provide heavy-duty service, long-time performance, and quiet cooling comfort to meet the need of their customers.

For their persistent performance in Exports and for their superior brand recognition in the local market, GFC was the first company to receive the Export Trophy and Brand of the Year Awards in the fan Industry of Pakistan. Ever since G.F.C has continued to be the recipient of numerous Awards for the acknowledgment of our foremost commitment to producing and exporting high-quality fans.

Furthermore, G.F.C is also the first ever company in Pakistan to be certified by UL (Underwriter Laboratories, USA) and CE to export fans in, Canada and the EU.

2. Pak Fans

Pak Fans are produced by Wahid Industries. The history of Wahid Industries Limited is as vibrant and brilliant as the products themselves. The company traces its origins back to 1936 when Mr. Abdul Wahid, the founder and the president of the Company started its operations. In the year 1999-2000, Pak Fan achieved the highest international quality award ISO-9002 certified company. Pak Fan also won the FPCCI Trophy 1999-2000. Wahid Industries has a worthy reputation for its products around the globe. Its international sales network is spread not only in Asia but also in Africa and Europe. Their fans have approved a 3-star energy rating which is an international standard of energy saving.

3. Royal Fans

Conceived in 1957, Rafiq Engineering (PVT.) LTD. is recognized in the industry as a leader for its parent brand Royal Fans. With over 60 years of customer satisfaction, Royal is the leader in the fan industry today. We have been manufacturing superior-quality fans, washing machines, and room coolers for over 60 years; striving for the utmost standards and value for our esteemed customers. Their products and services aim for reliability, energy efficiency, and optimum performance. Ever since their products have been able to deliver on the promise of a lifetime partnership. To prove this testament further, they became the 1st and the only brand to date offering a Lifetime Guarantee.


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4. Indus Fans

The firm Indus Electric Motors was established in 1970 as a firm with the aim to manufacture a complete range of electrical goods. After 30 years, it has become Indus Group of Industries, one of the top manufacturers of High-Quality Home Appliances with a large range of Electric Motors, Fans, Washing Machines, Dryers, and Room Coolers. Over the years, Indus Group of Industries has also expanded into many other industries also. Their products stand remarkable not only in the local market but also have a distinguished place in the international market. We have been exporting the complete range of our products to Middle Eastern and South Asian countries.

5. Lahore Fans

They are the first designers and manufacturers of the most original and unique designs in the third generation of fan manufacturing. We constantly strive to put forth innovative ideas for future design and diverse productivity. through better manufacturing technology and maximum customer satisfaction. It is their constant struggle for excellence in the manufacturing process that has led them to set up the 2nd largest fan manufacturing unit comprising machines such as turret lathe machines (Herbert (UK) Warner and Swasey (USA), Multi Headed drilling machines (Corona (UK) and custom designed copy lathe machines. Their cutting and casting dies are designed on their very own CNC Machining center & EDM Wirecut.

6. Sk Fans

The foundation stone of the company was laid in the 80s by dynamic & experienced personnel. Since its establishment, it is successfully manufacturing technically sound & high-quality appliances & electric fans of all sorts. The company has experience of more than 25 years in fan spare parts technology & they aim to become one of the largest innovative fan manufacturers in the region with patience, hard efforts & leading quality. Their research and development team is very effective in bringing new technologies & designs. SK Fans have over 1000’s distributors around Pakistan.

7. Millat Fans

For five decades now Millat has undoubtedly been a household name When it comes to the premier quality fans, thus making it the technology of this century. The third generation is now relishing the superb quality of its products after the two cherished it in their lifetime.

The company came into operation in 1947 and became the pioneer company in manufacturing fans. Initially, the company started at a small manufacturing facility in the heart of Karachi at Lawrence Road. Due to its commitment to superior quality and innovative designs, Millat quickly became the market leader among the breed of brands. With the increase in customer demand, the company moved from Lawrence Road to the site of its premises in the 1960s. From then on the company enjoyed a healthy market share and remained on the path to success due to its commitment to producing quality products.


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8. Khurshid Fans

SGS Electrical Company was founded in 1990 its main purpose was to manufacture “Electric Fans” under the brand name “Khurshid Fans” with a philosophy to carve out in the Pakistans and Global electric fan industry and evolve into a premier lifestyle home solutions provider.

With operations spanning over 13 countries. Khurshid Fans have earned the distinction of being the preferred choice of electrical products in terms of quality & durability for household consumers both in Pakistan and abroad.

Khurshid Fan was the first company to introduce AC/DC Energy Saving fans in Pakistan. Currently, over 90% of our product offerings are energy efficient and manufactured in-house. Khurshid Fans are manufactured using Electrical Steel Sheet which ensures low current losses combining 99.9% pure copper winding and high-grade insulating material used for the armature’s long life.

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9. Super Asia Fans

Mian Muhammad Din laid the foundation of Super Asia in 1975. Today Super Asia is a group of companies with various businesses serving its customers in Pakistan and many other countries in Asia. Today, it is a conglomerate of companies with a diversified range of businesses mainly Home Appliances, Automobiles, Insulation and Packing Materials, and the Fast Food Burger Chain “Hardees” (a brand name of CKE Int. the USA), serving every sector of society. The company has developed a strong market share because of its popular Washing Machines, Air Coolers, Gas & Electric Water Heaters, and Fans, which are ranked among the top manufactured products in the country.

10. Al Meraj Fans

Meraj Electrical Industries have exerted all its strength as well as to develop and improve its technology and products for many years to meet the various requirements of customers, especially in the field of the fan market. Since its foundation in 1979 “AL-MERAJ FAN” has gained a valuable reputation by using imported materials from different countries of the world like Japan, England, and Germany.

We are sure you will find that the“AL-MERAJ FAN” is not only advantageous in cost but also have such other great merits like safety from electrical shock risks, and having a quality of electricity saving.

11. Sogo Fans

SOGO is one of the biggest Groups in Pakistan. From their Headquarters in Karachi, all the way to Peshawar in the North, their sales and distribution network is mapped in a way to reach every city, town, and village in Pakistan. Since its inception, SOGO has focused on the people of Pakistan empowering them with the most reliable products. SOGO has become the dominant brand by providing its services over the decades. They specialize in the design & manufacture of unique equipment to fulfill consumers’ requirements. Their engineers & technicians possess a strong commitment to enhancing the quality of their products. All their products are widely welcomed by people all over the country because of their competitive prices & high quality.

12. Belvin Fans

Bless Group is one of the leading and renowned manufacturing organizations in the domestic and international markets. it is our firm endeavor to develop Hi-tech, innovative, cost-effective, and
high-quality products. Indeed it is a result of outstanding corporate behavior, a friendly approach to customers, innovation in design, and the development of a dedicated and committed team. Bless Group commenced business in 1989 and it started Flourishing remarkably in a very short span of time by introducing an innovative and wide range of products. Bless Group has had the honor to receive the Award for Best Export Performance from The President of Pakistan, the Innovative Brand Award, and the Best Vendor Performance Award from Atlas Honda Pakistan.

Bless Group manufacturing units have successfully accomplished the ISO certification 9001:2015.


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13. Five-Star Fans

Five Star Industries is a corporation specializing in manufacturing various household appliances ( Electrical Fans, Electrical Motors, Washing Machines, Air Coolers, Skimming Machines, etc). The corporation was founded in 1979. Because of the scientific management and positive blaze-new-trials spirit, as well as the newest rising world market, the corporation with a modern of over 2,000 square meters and strong manufacturing technology as well as a large team of professional technicians. Many of our products have gained the UKAS Quality management and so on as well as the export product quality license. This corporation operates by the principle of being Market-Oriented, Customers-Oriented, and ever-enterprising to satisfy its customers.

14. Tamoor Fans

In 1988 Mr.Muhammad Afzal and Mr.Muhammad Yousaf laid the foundation of a company named Tamoor Fans. With over 34 years of customer satisfaction, Tamoor Fan is among the top leading brands in the fan industry today for its innovation and development. Tamoor Fan company was amongst the few fan manufacturing companies to manufacture Neeca Approved 3Star Energy Efficient Fans. In 2015 Tamoor Fan was the first ever fan manufacturing company to introduce BLDC technology in Pakistan, transforming the market perception. Tamoor Fan’s 30W eco-smart technology is also very famous for its energy efficiency. Tamoor Fans are going to manufacture fully autonomous fans using Wifi technology.

15. Sufi Fans

Sufi Fans is a well-known manufacturer of ceiling fans, pedestal fans, and exhaust fans. Sufi Fans are playing a superior role in Pakistan to provide a unique lifestyle to people.

16. Ark Fans

Ark Fans is a private medium-sized fan manufacturing company in Pakistan. The company started its journey in the 1980s with devotion towards work and attention towards innovation Company obtained its presence in the industry by establishing a brand name known as “Ark Fans” With its Quality and color combination “Ark Fans” is setting a new trend in every coming decade.
Ark Fans have the privilege to be the trendsetters In the industry in Pakistan in terms of quality, innovation, and color combination. Excellent technical expertise combined with extensive industry knowledge makes Ark Fans the ideal choice for customers buying electric fans. That is why, the sales network of the company is not limited only to Pakistan but it also exports its products across the globe mainly the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.


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17. Wahid Fans

Established in 1997, Wahid Fans is the fastest-growing company in the realm of fan manufacturing in Pakistan. With a futuristic approach, Wahid Fans frequently introduce new products with innovative technologies and original new designs. And that is why Wahid Fans are the perfect choice for almost all types of indoor and outdoor places. Their fans are 3-star energy rated by NEECA. Adnan Industries is also a member of the Pakistan Standards Board. Their fans are made with 99.9% copper wire. Their fans are certified, energy savers.

18. Starco Fans

Since 1987, U.I. Industries have steadily progressed by inculcating high cultural values combined with vision passion, and continuous hard work to pave their way into the fans manufacturing industry. The company continued to flourish and has set up a high standard among its peers through professional engineers and employees.

Starco Fans have achieved benchmark standards certification by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authori t y (PSQCA) , “European conformity Standards” (CE Certification). “ISO 9001:2015 and 14000:2008. G-MARK ( Which is mandatory for export to Gulf Countries.)

Starco Fans are well-received in the market of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The use of modern technology and superior raw material, strong product development capability, and widespread dealer network differentiate Starco Fans from its competitors.

19. Yunas Fans

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a group started operations in the name of “Yunas Group of Industries”, Yunas Fans operated as a mothering concern along with Metro Fans, General Fans (GFC), Yunas Electronics Pak (Pvt.) Ltd, Yunas Electronics AJK (Pvt.) Ltd, Yunas Corporation, and Ayub Engineering. In the beginning, the company’s main emphasis was the manufacturing of ceiling and pedestal fans with distinguishing features; high-quality products, and customer satisfaction. After considering, i.e. the positive product performance and appreciation from consumers/market, the company expands its line to different types of fans. Yunas Metal Works (Pvt.) Limited has also the honor to be the first ISO-9000 certified company in the Pakistan fan industry in 1999, which was further upgraded with ISO-9001-2000 in 2001 and with ISO-9001-2008 in 2011, which is being upheld till now. The company has its sub-office in UAE to handle the operations in the Middle East market.


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20. Parwaz Fans

Parwaz is one of the largest manufacturers of fan washing machine cables and wires in Pakistan since 1967. Their fans are reliable and cost-effective for middle and low-end customers.


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