Top 10 Richest People In Pakistan 2022

1. Shahid khan

Shahid Khan bio: billionaire's net worth, yacht, cars, family

Shahid Rafiq Khan born on July 18, 1950, is a Pakistani-American billionaire businessman and sports tycoon. He is the owner of Flex-N-Gate, an American automotive company that is the sole supplier of the entire Toyota line in the US. Khan is also the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL) and Fulham F.C. of the Premier League, and co-owner of the American wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW), along with his son, Tony Khan. As of January 2021, Khan’s personal net worth is $11.2 billion. In 2022, he ranked 55th in the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans and is the 158th richest person in the world.

Khan was born in Lahore, Pakistan to a middle-class family involved in the construction industry. He was moved to the United States in 1967 at 16 to study at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. When he went to the United States, he spent his first night in a $2/night room at the university YMCA, and his first job was washing dishes for $1.20 an hour.

Net Worth: $11.2B

Sources: Flex-N-Gate(Auto Parts Supplier)

2. Anwar Parwez

Sir Anwar Pervez: from driving buses to billion-dollar conglomerate - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

The second richest person on our list is Sir Anwar Parwez, whose net worth is $4.6 billion. He is a Pakistani-born British billionaire businessman. He is the founder and chairman of Bestway Group. Mohammed Anwar Pervez was born on 15 March 1935 to a subsistence farming family in Rawalpindi. He did his matriculation in Pakistan. He studied at Forman Christian College. In 1956 he moved to Bradford and became a bus conductor and driver where he earned £16 to £18 a week. In 1976, Pervez opened Bestway’s first wholesale warehouse in Acton, West London. The company has since grown to a multibillion-pound enterprise, and as of 2014, Bestway is the second-largest independent wholesaler in the UK. In March 2000, he was awarded Hilal-i-Pakistan by the Pakistani Government for his services to the Pakistani nation.

Net Worth: $4.6B

Sources: Bestway Group

3. Mian Mansha

Mian Mansha appears before NAB today in money laundering case

The third richest person on our list is Mian Mansha. His total wealth is $3.7 billion. He is the chairperson of MCB Bank, Nishat Group, and many other businesses. Today, MCB Bank is one of the top 4 banks in the country and leads in terms of market capitalization with a massive employee base of roughly 18,000.  Mian Muhammad Mansha is one of the leading and top industrialists as well as an entrepreneur of Pakistan who has made Pakistan proud. Mansha was the first Pakistani to hit the $1 billion benchmark in 2010, becoming the first billionaire in Pakistan.  One of Mansha’s companies, Nishat Textile Mills Limited, is the largest exporting entity in Pakistan. He also owns a hotel in London.

Net Worth: $3.7B

Sources: Nishat Group, MCB Bank

4. Sadruddin Hashwani

Sadruddin Hashwani The man behind “Hashoo Group” - Boast Magazine - For a successful life

The fourth richest person on our list is Sadruddin Hashwani. He is the founder and chairman of Hashoo Group, a conglomerate best known for Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts. Established in 1960 by the enterprising Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani, the Hashoo group initially operated as a trading enterprise. But later became Pakistan’s premium conglomerate with a diversified international business portfolio. The Hashoo Group of companies has in its fold, as owners and operators, the Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts, Marriott Hotels, PC Legacy, and Hotel One brands with a presence in all major cities of Pakistan. Sadruddin is the first ever businessman in the history of Pakistan to be awarded Nishan-e-Imtiaz.

Net Worth: $3.4B

Sources: Hashoo Group

5. Asif Ali Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari shifted to Karachi hospital

The fifth richest person on our list is Asif Ali Zardari. Asif Ali born on 26 July 1955 is a Pakistan Politician who is the president of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). He has been the president of Pakistan from 2008 to 2013. He is the husband of Pakistan’s two times elected prime minister Benazir Bhutto. Side by side he is interested in business also. He has been declared the fifth richest person in Pakistan with a total wealth of $1.8 Billion. His primary source of income is sugar mills and agriculture. He owns many acres of agricultural land in Sindh. However, Asif Ali Zardari’s wealth is estimated to be much higher, as several off-shore properties and business dealings are not included in this estimate. Zardari owns several properties in London, New York, and Normandy.

Net Worth: $1.8B

Sources: Sugar Mills, Agriculture

6. Nawaz Sharif

The technicality that led to Nawaz Sharif's disqualification - Pakistan -  DAWN.COM

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is a center-right, conservative Pakistani businessman and convicted politician, and absconder who has served as the Prime Minister of Pakistan for three non-consecutive terms. Beyond politician Nawaz Sharif is ranked as the 7th richest person in Pakistan. His father Muhammad Sharif, was a founder of the Ittefaq group and the Sharif group of companies. Most of his wealth originates from his businesses in steel construction which makes him the 6th richest person and 2nd richest politician in Pakistan. Sharif’s family has strong investments in the Sugar industry also. His net worth is $1.8 billion. However, this estimation does not accurately state Nawaz Sharif’s wealth, as several estates in the US, UK, and UAE have been linked to the Sharif family.

Net Worth: $1.8B

Sources: Ittehad Group

7. Malik Riaz

ARU Pakistan facilitates repatriation of Malik Riaz's 190 mn pounds through settlement

Malik Riaz Hussain is a Pakistani real estate tycoon who is the founder of Bahria Town, the largest privately held real estate development company in Pakistan and in Asia. Riaz started his career as a clerk with a construction company(MES) in Rawalpindi. In the 1980s, Riaz moved to become a contractor, and in 1995 Riaz’s construction company Hussain Global signed an agreement with Pakistan Navy’s charitable trust known as Bahria Foundation to develop a gated community for Pakistan Navy. He expanded his real-estate company and developed gated communities in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad during the 2000s, developing a combined area of 45,000 square acres. As of 2016, Bahria had 60,000 employees, making it one of the largest private-sector employers in Pakistan.  Bahria Town Karachi is the biggest private project in Asia, which Malik Riaz also owns.

Net Worth: $1.5B

Sources: Bahria Town

8. Habibullah Khan

The eighth richest person on our list is Habibullah Khan with a net worth of $ 1.25 billion. He is a very unknown billionaire in Pakistan and very few people know about Habibullah Khan. Because they do not socialize their personality. He is also known as the mystery billionaire of Pakistan. Habibullah Khan is the founder of pioneer cement. Habibullah Khan is the owner of Habib dairy which is the third largest dairy farm in Pakistan after Nestle and Engro. He will soon be setting up a six-star international hotel on the prime piece of land in Karachi that he just acquired. “I’m the largest private equity player in this market,” he says, adding that three of his companies are among the top 30 taxpayers. Hub Power Company is also owned by Habibullah Khan which is the largest Independent Power Producer(IPP) in Pakistan which is producing 2920 megawatts of electricity.

Net Worth: $1.25B

Sources: Habib Dairy, Hub Power

9. Nasir Schon

The ninth richest person on our list is Syed Nair Hussain Schon with an estimated worth of $1.1 Billion. He is the owner of Schon Properties which is their main mean of earning. The company generated a gross development value of over USD $ 2 billion. It was founded in 1971 in Singapore by the Schon family, which originated in Pakistan. The company has been involved in several development projects in Dubai, including the Schon Business Park project and Dubai Lagoons in Dubai Investment Park. In June 2017, the company purchased the Multan Sultans cricket franchise of the Twenty20 Pakistan Super League for US$5.2 million per year for eight years, replacing Karachi Kings as the most expensive team in the league. Nasir Hussein is the richest Pakistani in Dubai.

Net Worth: $1.1B

Sources: Schon Properties

10. Rafique M.Habib

The total wealth of Rafique Habib is $950 million which puts them on the list of the top 10 richest persons in Pakistan. He is the chairman of the House of Habib. The House of Habib (ہاؤس آف حبیب) is a Pakistani conglomerate company based in Karachi, Pakistan. The group was founded by Habib Esmail in Bombay (British India) in 1841. But after the partition, they shifted their business from India to Pakistan on the advice of Pakistan’s 1st Governor General Muhammad Ali Jinnah. They played a vital role in running the main parts of the Country. HBL Pakistan and Habib Bank Limited are working under the House of Habib.

Net Worth: $950M

Sources: House of Habib

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