Top 10 Sanitary Fittings Brands In Pakistan

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List of the Top 10 Sanitary Fitting brands in Pakistan are:

  • Faisal Sanitary
  • Sonex Sanitary
  • Master Sanitary
  • Super Asia Sanitary
  • Porta Sanitary Fitting
  • Idrees Sanitary Fittings
  • Ruman Sanitary Fitting
  • 3-star Sanitary Fittings
  • Turk Plast Sanitary Fittings
  • Rizwan Sanitary Fittings


1. Faisal Sanitary

Faisal Sanitary Fitting Industries (Pvt) Ltd. established in the year 1974 is one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturing companies for bathroom sanitary fittings. Its product range comprising C.P. fittings and fancy bathroom accessories are of high-quality standards which are accepted as prestigious products and capture 55/60% of the country’s sales. Faisal Sanitary Fitting Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is currently operating an integrated range of manufacturing concerns in sanitary fittings. The combination of state-of-art technology rigorous testing during the manufacturing process and strict quality controls is the guarantee behind each and every tap that bears the Faisal hallmark. They make some very beautiful sanitary wares that can be compared with international brands because of the latest designs and technology. Some of their leading series are the Carrera series, the Recta series, and the Royal series.


Phone: 055-4271243

2. Sonex Sanitary

Sonex is a family-owned company, founded in 1955, and now a large diverse group of industries: Sonex Utensils, Aluminum Utensils, Non-Stick Utensils, Stainless Steel three ply Utensils. Sonex Sanitary Fittings was established in 1992. Sonex Sanitary Fittings has been a household name for over 2 decades. The uncompromising precision, progressive innovation, and outstanding designs of their products reflect this dedication. Sonex offers a combination of beauty, technology, and functionality at the highest level. Their designs are really impressive which can increase the shine of our homes. Their waterfall series is very famous. Their designs are comparable with international brands.


Phone:  055-4284506

3. Master Sanitary

For almost four decades now, Master remains the most trusted name in a diverse range of high-end sanitary fitting solutions. The immense respect the brand commands is derived from a constant trail of pioneering innovation, the highest quality standards, a wide range of choices, and above all, real value for money. Today, they are not only the largest producers of our product categories in Pakistan but also the ones offering the widest range of choices in highly cost-effective and immensely creative products. Master sanitary fittings can fulfill all your luxury and cost-effective sanitary needs. Master sanitary is one of the best reliable sanitary choices in Pakistan.


Phone:  055-6668000


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4. Super Asia 

Super Asia Bathroom Accessories (Private) Limited, with the brand name of “Super Asia”, is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of sanitary fittings and bathroom accessories according to the needs of customers. Super Asia is a family-owned business founded in 1970. The company is using modern technologies, adopting new selling techniques, and employing a highly qualified, competent, and skilled labor force. In the past few years company has shown tremendous growth by introducing a wide range of fascinating models in different finishes and designs which can satisfy the needs of private, commercial, and institutional customers. Super Asia is not recommended for luxury baths.


Phone:  055-4554557

5. Porta Sanitary Fittings

Porta Aroma Complete Set (Option:2) - BUILD DURABLE

Porta is one of the largest sanitary ware and home furnishing manufacturers with the longest history in Pakistan. The head office is located at Huida Ceramics City, Tangshan, China. Adhering to the concept of “creating gracious life” and pursuing the goal of “becoming the best sanitary ware brand in the world”. Porta has ceaselessly created green and fashionable products with distinctive functions and reliability to provide high-grade life for people. Porta products are widely used by consumers in Pakistan. Be it home or hotels, offices, or airports, for over 21 years Porta has been creating refreshing experiences across the country. With a vast range of bath and kitchen products to boast of, Porta caters to all your needs in style and makes your place look Perfect.


Phone:  042-3742-7482

6. Idrees Sanitary Fittings

Hamza Mehar (@HamzaMehar99) / Twitter

M. Idrees & Brothers is established in 1985. Its registered as a partnership business with ISO 9001-2000. M. Idrees & Brothers Sanitary Fittings is a leading brand in PAKISTAN developing and promoting new products and concepts designed to improve our lifestyle. Over the past 28 years, M. Idrees & Brothers Sanitary Fittings has achieved great success as a professional bathroom products manufacturer, focusing on both quality and service. M. Idrees & Brothers Sanitary Fittings is now looking for worldwide distributors, who desire the best products and services for their customers and are dedicated to establishing a strong reputation in the market.

Website:  N/A

Phone: 0300-7409962

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7. Ruman Sanitary Fittings

World-Class Accessories “Ruman Sanitary Fittings” use precision copper and brass element-r-provides a product that gives long life service of more than 500,000 times. 2017 is the year when Ruman Sanitary Fittings appeared as a bright star on the horizon of the sanitary fitting world. In a concise period, RSF reached the peak of its quality, under the brilliant leadership of Rana Shahid Mahmood, who is the founder of RSF. Their passion is to work for innovative and attractive designs according to the requirement of the International Market and at the same time for our local market. To ensure a quality level, they have imposed a strict quality control policy. RSF produces a vast range of sanitary products with the most modern and sophisticated machinery. RSF is famous for its international standard designs. You can get international standard made-in-Pakistan products from RSF.


Phone: 0302-7184184

8. 3-star Sanitary Fittings

3 STAR SANITARY FITTING || Gujranwala Sanitary Brand - YouTube

3-Star Sanitary Fittings is one of the best manufacturers of sanitary fittings in Pakistan. All kinds of Full round, Quarter round, and lever series are available at 3-Star Sanitary Fittings. Their designs are really very amazing and can enhance the beauty of your homes. While keeping in view the requirements of customers the “QUALITY IS OUR POLICY” and the concept of “TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT” has been adopted and implemented; all the parts of the system like people, machines, land, and information are well organized and synchronized. The ultimate output of all efforts in the shape of the finished product is having desirable features, good performance, reliability, durability, aesthetics, and perceived quality according to the customer’s needs.


Phone: 055-4296010

9. Turk Plast Sanitary Fittings

TurkPlast Lahore Pakistan - Company Profile - 104563

With growing demands, TurkPlast offers numerous options in terms of basin mixers, bathroom accessories sets, shower sets, bathroom sets, and other decorative items. We provide a large range of designs from small to large that can increase style and flair to the style. Manufacturers at Turk Plast have understood the growing need for these sanitary fittings and are trying to make every feature within the reach of the user. You can get all kinds of economy and luxury sanitary fittings at TurkPlast. Check turkplast for the best economy-made-in-Pakistan products.


Phone: 055-4296010

10. Rizwan Sanitary Fittings 

Rizwan is a family-oriented company, which is established in 1978 in the field of sanitary fittings. At that time there are not too many companies in this field in Pakistan. This gives us the advantage to capture a wide range of markets. Our focus is to provide quality and innovative products to customers for their toilets and homes to experience a feeling of luxury. Now it is a well-established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. Rizwan Industry is BN EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 certified company for its higher quality products. Rizwan was also approved by MES-GHQ Rawalpindi. It is a well-known name in the competitive market of Pakistan. It has goodwill in the public as well as in the business world. It also exports its products to many countries. It has a good reputation in the international market for its higher-quality products.


Phone: 055-4223345

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