Top 10 Best Geyser Brands in Pakistan 2024

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Winters are coming and everyone is in search of the best water geysers for his home. A wide range of geysers is available in the market each one with different specifications. That’s why today we are here with a list of the top 10 geyser brands available in Pakistan in order to help you to find the best geyser for your house.

Basically, there are two types of geysers: electric geysers and gas geysers. But we have created a list on the basis of both types because almost every company provides both geysers. We are sure this will help you find the best Electric and Gas geyser in Pakistan. So please check our list here and also share your experience with any of the brands in comments below:

1. Super Asia

The first geyser brand on our list is Super Asia. Super Asia Group was founded in 1975 by Late Mian Muhammad Din. Today Super Asia is a group of companies with various businesses serving its customers in Pakistan. Super Asia covers a substantial market share when we talk about Home Appliances. We have seen a lot of innovations in their products in recent years. Today, with over 100+ years of heating innovation experience, Super Asia offers a wide range of water heaters that meet unique residential hot water demands. You can get Electric and Gas geysers from Super Asia. Their products are energy-efficient and price friendly.

Best Model: Super Asia Electric Water Heater 10 Gallons EH-610


2. Canon

The second most reliable geyser brand on our list is Canon. Canon Home Appliances established in 1972 has contrived to grow into a trustworthy organization setting the pace in a variety of high-end home appliances that makes your lives easier. Over a golden period of 49 years, Canon Appliances has successfully expanded its operations in the frontiers of Pakistan by utilizing top-notch technological aids in order to set impeccable standards of quality in the home appliances industry. The quality standards that Canon has set have been acknowledged by not only the end users but also by the Government of Pakistan. Their gas appliances and cooking ranges received certifications of quality from the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines. Their products come with all the latest technologies.

Best Model: Canon Instant Geyser 602S – 6 Litre


3. Nasgas

The third geyser brand in Pakistan is Nasgas. Nasgas industries are located in Gujranwala. North Appliances Services Private Limited (NasGas) is a Home Appliances company that is a pioneer and professional manufacturer of Home Appliances since 1952 in Pakistan. They are a Pro-Pakistani brand where a legacy of quality and excellent service meets innovations to ease our life. NasGas is a pioneer manufacturer consisting of a specialized mix in Research, Development, Production, Quality Assurance, and Innovation. It follows the trend of high-grade quality material and uses advanced international production lines based on high-tech equipment and highly skilled people.


4. Boss

The next geyser brand on our list is Boss. BOSS is the brand name of KOH-I-NOOR HI-TECH (Pvt) LTD. established in 1991. The company has gained an excellent reputation within a very short period of time. Boss started their journey from plastic furniture but now they have extended to Home Appliances also. Boss provides both kinds of electric and gas geysers. Their geysers are instant and semi-instant also. BOSS Electric and Gas Instant Geysers are the Best of all other brands in Pakistan. Because of its low consumption in Electricity and Gas and Best Quality. Their geysers come with 1-year brand warranty.

Best Model: Boss KE-SIE-10-CL-Supreme Electric Water Heater 10L


5. Hanco

The next geyser brand on our list is Hanco. Hanco is a quite new brand in the Pakistani market but they have captured the market through their quality standards and designs. They have a wide range of both electric and gas geysers. To meet the design requirements of users they have introduced both metal body and tempered glass models of their geysers. Their geysers are fast and energy efficient recommended for small houses. They use the latest technology equipment to meet the market requirements. Products from the HANCO brand promise the best value for money. Designs of HANCO brand products are an exquisite blend of German efficiency and local (Pakistani) requirements.

Best Model: Fast Electric Water Heater – 15 litre


6. Rays

The next geyser brand on our list is Rays Appliances. Brought by Al-Fatah Electronics. They are dedicated to giving you the very best of products, with a focus on dependability, customer service, and uniqueness. They have a wide range of products in every sector of home appliances. They thrived to continue the tradition of providing the finest products from 3 generations. The main parts of their geysers are imported from Italy but overall manufactured in Pakistan. The geysers have a high ability to energy saving.

Best Model: Rays Fast Electric Storage Geyser 15 liters


7. Indus Home Appliances

The next geyser brand on our list is Indus Home Appliances. Indus is providing the best quality in the instant geysers category. Their instant geysers are more reliable and premium. Their prices are quite high if we compare them to others but their products are value to money. The water throw of their geysers is very nice. Each Indus product features meticulous workmanship and the finest materials available. They have been awarded various awards for their high quality and energy efficiency. That’s why now Indus enjoys a loyal customer base, always preferring INDUS products, throughout Pakistan as well as in Bangladesh, Turkey, Sudan, South Africa, and U.A.E.


8. Pak Geysers

The next geyser brand on our list is Pak geyser. Pak Geysers are manufactured by Wahid Industries. Wahid Industries has a worthy reputation for its products around the globe. Its international sales network is spread not only in Asia but also in Africa and Europe. Thus, FPCCI awarded Wahid Industries ‘Best Export Performance Trophy’ in recognition of its contribution to the growth of the national economy. Pak Geyser is basically a brand of Pak Fan which is well known for its fans’ quality all over Pakistan. They are quite new in the geysers field but becoming popular day by day. Their geysers are available in all categories i.e instant, semi-instant, and non-instant also. Their products are awarded 3-star energy saving.


9. Singer Geysers

The ninth brand on our list is Singer. The singer is basically a brand of WAVES. WavesPlus came into existence in 2016 to sell Waves Products along with other brands directly to our customers instead of solely dealing with the distribution network. From 2016 till date, they have been busy offering high-quality products at affordable rates to their customers all over the country. They boast happily satisfied customers all over Pakistan.


10. Golden Fuji

Golden Fuji with its presence in Pakistani Kitchens for more than three-decade has constantly endeavored to give homemakers the latest in technology and make cooking a luxurious and pleasurable experience. Their continuous pursuit of a true understanding of customers’ needs and necessities has made them constantly innovative. They are constantly exploring the possibility of new designs, technologies, features and innovations with great stress on R & D, Golden Fuji has established its leadership in creating better products for its customers. Their vast network of dealers and service centers across the country ensures unfailing service and support for ultimate consumer satisfaction.


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