Top 10 Best Sweets Shops in Gujranwala

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List of Top 10 Sweets Shops in Gujranwala are:

  • Suleman Sweets & Bakers
  • Sialkot Sweets & Bakers
  • Jalandhar Sweets
  • Meer Sweets
  • Baba Bakers & Sweets
  • Yadgar Sweets
  • Al-Saeed Sweets & Bakers
  • Al-Meraj Sweets
  • Jalal Sons Sweets & Bakers
  • Mehar Sweets

1. Suleman Sweets & Bakers

Suleman Sweets & Bakers Wazirabad in the city Wazirabad

The first sweet shop on our list is Suleman sweets. Suleman sweets were started 31 years ago by Mr. Suleman belonging to Wazirabad. They got famous because of their taste and quality goodness. In a very short time, they became a known name in sweets in Gujranwala. They mainly started from sweets but now offer fast food, bakery, restaurant, and nashta. Their nashta is also quite famous. They offer a large range of sweets.  There are almost 7 branches of Suleman sweets in Gujranwala. You can get mithai in different packing like gift packing and export packing. Their prices are not very high.

Visit their Website:

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2. Sialkot Sweets & Bakers

Sialkot Sweets & Bakers in the city Sialkot

The second sweets shop on our list in Gujranwala is Sialkot Sweets. Sialkot Sweets were founded in 1951. They are one of the oldest sweets in Pakistan. They are famous for their taste and quality assurance. They have spread a large connection of branches in Gujranwala. You can find various branches of Sialkot sweets in different parts of the City. But you should beware of copies. They have a wide range of sweet products made with desi ghee. But their specialty is Ras-Gulla. Their rasgulla is a must-try.

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3. Jalandhar Sweets

Shiraz Hassan on Twitter: "#Gujranwala Sweets in #Jalandhar and Jalandhar Sweets in Gujranwala #Punjab #Pakistan #India" / Twitter

The third one on our list is Jalandhar sweets. Jalandhar sweets were founded in 1922 by Haji Fazal din and Haji Abdul Kareem. And now a century has passed. The name of the shop was based on the City of Jalandhar. Their main shop in Gujranwala bazaar is one of the oldest shops in the city. Now the third generation of founders is running this business. The owners said that their sweets are very famous out of the country also. All their products are made with pure ingredients. They use desi ghee and fresh khoya in their sweets. Their offer many varieties of sweets. But their specialty is Gulab Jamun. This shop is highly recommended for sweets lovers.

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4. Meer Bakers & Sweets

Meer Sweets & Bakers - College Road

The fourth one on our list is Meer Bakers and Sweets. Meer bakers were founded in 1987. They have branches in all high-class areas of Gujranwala. That’s why their prices can be quite high. But their taste is also high class. Especially their sweets are so tasty. Their specialty is Kaju perah and badam baklava.

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5. Baba Bakers & Sweets

Baba Bakers & Sweets (Johar Town) is the best shope in LahoreHMS Foodz

The fifth one on our list is Baba Bakers. Their main branch is in model town, but recently they have opened their second branch which is located near King’s Mall. This bakery is very famous among high-class people. Baba sweets not only offers sweets but also a bakery that is more famous than their sweets. So baba sweets in Gujranwala are also a must-try.

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6. Yadgar Sweet House

Google Maps

The sixth one on our list is Yadgar Sweets. Yadgar sweets were established in 1950. They offer a wide range of sweets made with desi ghee. Their specialty is Patisa.

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7. Al-Saeed Sweets & Bakers

Al saeed Sweets & Bakers , Punjab ,

The seventh on our list is Al-Saeed sweets. Their main branch is in Bakht-e-wala but you can find their branches in other areas also. Their taste is really very good. You will love their delicious taste. They have a large range of sweets available. Their sweets are fresh and pure.

8. Al-Meraj Sweets

The eighth on our list is Al-Meraj Sweets. Al-Miraj sweets were founded in 1947. They are one of the oldest sweet shops in Gujranwala. Their Products are made from the highest quality ingredients to create a unique flavor that is light & delicate. They specialize in sweets as well as bakery also.

9. Jalal Sons Bakers & Sweets

Jalal Sons (JS) was established in the 1900s by Muhammad Alaf Khan, the father of Jalal A. Khan and Sohail A. Khan. Jalal Sons started from the Ghumti market and then shifted to Main Market in 1958. JS began as a small grocery store that was renowned for selling authentic high-quality products. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Jalal Sons began to innovate in the bakery sector. Between 2008-2010, Jalal Sons was the first bakery to introduce live baking in shops which completely revolutionized the bakery sector in Pakistan. There are two branches of Jalal sons in Gujranwala.

10. Mehar Sweets

Mehar Sweets, Punjab (+92 301 5686463)

The tenth one on our list is Mehar Sweets. Mehar sweets is located in Eminabad. This shop is best for barfi lovers because they only offer barfi. Their barfi is made with khoya and sugar. Only two ingredients. So this is highly recommended for barfi lovers.

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