Top 10 Best Buffet Restaurants In Islamabad – Must Try

When it comes to culinary adventures, Islamabad boasts a vibrant food scene that caters to a diverse palate. Among the many gastronomic delights the capital city of Pakistan offers, the best buffet restaurants in Islamabad stand out as true gems for food enthusiasts. These dining establishments serve a mouthwatering array of dishes and offer an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Best Buffet Restaurants In Islamabad

In this article, we’re delighted to guide you through Islamabad’s top 10 best buffet restaurants in Islamabad, each offering a unique culinary adventure that caters to every palate. So, fasten your seatbelts, as we embark on a flavorful exploration of the city’s culinary gems.

  • The Monal
  • La Montana Restaurant
  • Yum Chinese & Thai
  • Tandori Restaurants
  • Tuscany Courtyard
  • Chilman Restaurant
  • Salt’n Pepper
  • Nadia Marriott
  • Al Ibrahimi Restaurant
  • Enchanto Restaurant

1. The Monal

best buffet restaurants in islamabad

The Monal, a famous restaurant situated in the scenic Margalla Hills of Islamabad, is renowned for its stunning views and mouthwatering breakfast options. The restaurant offers an extraordinary breakfast experience. Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with an experience that is not available at any place. This makes it a popular destination for foodies who want to enjoy an extensive buffet of Pakistani and Continental cuisine. The restaurant offers a live grill station, freshly baked bread, an impressive salad bar, and an array of mouth-watering desserts. The buffet is reasonably priced and includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Address: 9KM Pir Sohawa Road, Islamabad

Phone: (051) 2898044


Google Ratings: 4.5 (54.6K)

2. La Montana Restaurant

best buffet restaurants in islamabad

La Montana is a stunning venue in the Margalla Hills, offering breathtaking views, delicious food, and excellent service. You can take a look at the ambiance of La Montana Restaurant and experience their complete dinner buffet for a clear understanding of what they offer. Treat yourself to a delicious dinner buffet that includes a soup serving, live stations, main courses, and 7-8 varieties of desserts. The live BBQ station is top-rated among the guests. The service and ambiance of the place are the cherry on top, making it an unforgettable experience.

Address: Margalla Hills، 9 KMs, Pir Sohawa Road, Islamabad

Phone: (051) 2898226

Reservations: lamontanarestaurant

Google Ratings: 4.2 (6.3K)

3. Yum Chinese & Thai

best buffet restaurants in islamabad

Yum Chinese & Thai established its first restaurant in Lahore in 2010 and has since become one of the most celebrated dining destinations in the city. Due to its success, the restaurant expanded its network to Islamabad as well. Yum is known for its vibrant, intriguing, and inviting atmosphere. As the name suggests, they specialize in Chinese and Thai cuisines, while also offering a variety of conventional and contemporary dishes to satisfy both traditional and modern food connoisseurs. They provide a buffet with a combination of Chinese and Thai food, making it a perfect choice for those who crave a unique and diverse dining experience.

Address: Street 16, F-7/2 F 7/2 F-7, Islamabad

Phone: 0311 1122102


Google Ratings: 4.3 (4.3K)


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4. Tandori Restaurants

best buffet restaurants in islamabad

Tandori Restaurants is the oldest restaurant chain in Pakistan. They have 5 branches in Islamabad. The tow of their branches are located in two main areas of Islamabad G-8 and F-10. They have been serving the people of Pakistan for almost 30 years. It is a restaurant that specializes in every kind of cuisines like Chinese, Pakistani and continental. And the combination of all these cuisines makes their buffet perfect for any friends or family gatherings.

Address: 20-A, Jasmine Plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad,

Phone: (051) 2260832


Google Ratings: 4.1 (3.9K)

5. Tuscany Courtyard

best buffet restaurants in islamabad

Tuscany Courtyard is doing some different in the food market of Islamabad. It is bringing Italian Taste to the Capital to provide people with a different experience that is not found anywhere. They have only a Hi-Tea buffet available to offer. They have two branches in Islamabad and the Hi-Tea buffet is available on both branches from Friday to Sunday starting from 3:30 pm to 6:45 pm. The Tuscany courtyard’s ambiance, located in a three-story building, is stunning. Outdoor and indoor dining are equally delightful.

Address: Kohsar market, Street 10, Islamabad

Phone: (051) 8445544

Reservations: TuscanyCourtyardIsb

Google Ratings: 4.1 (4.9K)

6. Chilman Restaurant

Chilman restaurant is a spot-on Desi place with dishes delectable enough to put you in a dilemma of what to choose and what not to. They have an extensive menu for both Ala Carte and Buffet dining. Two of their specialties include Chilman Biryani and Chilman Kebab. Alongside them, Chilman Restaurant serves the best Dinner and lunch cum hi-tea buffets. At Chilman Restaurant Islamabad, the Dinner Buffet is priced at PKR 2150 + Tax and is available for dining from 7:30 pm to 12 am.

Address: Ramzan Plaza, Mangla Rd, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad

Phone: (051) 2284646

Reservations: ChilmanPK

Google Ratings: 4.2 (3.0K)


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7. Salt’n Pepper

Salt’n Pepper is the most recognized restaurant brand in Pakistan that has a rich history of market innovation and excellence in restaurant operations. The Salt’n Pepper Restaurants are considered the best in Pakistan and are renowned for their gracious dining, outstanding service, and extraordinary classic and contemporary cuisine. They have become the ultimate dining destination in Lahore – from family gatherings to business dinners, and moments of the heart, Salt’n Pepper is where unforgettable memories are made.

Address: Plot No. 55, Shabbir Plaza, Blue Area, G 6/2 F-6, Islamabad

Phone: (051) 2604911


Google Ratings: 4.1 (3.6K)

8. Nadia Marriott

best buffet restaurants in islamabad

Nadia Coffee Shop in Marriott Islamabad is more than just a coffee shop. It offers an all-day dining experience with lunch, hi-tea, and dinner buffets featuring international dishes. The restaurant has a stylish yet sophisticated ambiance with a mix of modern and cultural decor, soft lighting, and comfortable seating. Though the buffet price is relatively high, it’s worth visiting for the exceptional ambiance and services.

Address:  Islamabad Marriott Hotel, Agha Khan Road،, F-5/1 F-5, Islamabad

Phone: (051) 2826121

Reservations: NadiaMarriott

Google Ratings: 4.3 (786)

9. Al Ibrahimi Restaurant

best buffet restaurants in islamabad

The Al-Ibrahimi Restaurant is a proud member of the Al-Ibrahimi Group, which has been delighting people in the Gulf for the past 40 years. Now, this renowned group is bringing its unique experience to the people of Pakistan. To achieve their goal, the Al-Ibrahimi Group has opened the largest food destination in the capital city of Pakistan. This vast 52-kanal indoor and outdoor space offers top-notch hospitality, delectable cuisine, and rejuvenating activities for the soul.

Address: Ronaq Park, Lake View Rd, Sector A Bahria Enclave, Malot, Islamabad

Phone: (051) 2721857


Google Ratings: 4.3 (980)


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10. Enchanto Restaurant

best buffet restaurants in islamabad

Enchanto Restaurant offers a diverse range of Pakistani and international delicacies. The restaurant boasts a chic and modern ambiance, with cozy seating arrangements and gentle lighting. The decor incorporates a blend of contemporary and traditional elements, creating a unique and elegant atmosphere. Enchanto Restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor seating options, as well as private dining areas for events and gatherings. The quality of the food and the ambiance make it a popular choice for fine dining experiences and special occasions. The Restaurant has received positive reviews from both customers and food critics.

Address:  Plot 8 Street 2, Sector C DHA Phase 1, Islamabad

Phone: 0310 5789555

Reservations: enchantorestaurant

Google Ratings: 4.2 (1.5K)


Here in our list, we have concluded the list of the top 10 best buffet restaurants in Islamabad. We have included every restaurant in our list based on their reviews on different social platforms. These best buffet restaurants in Islamabad are enough to cater to your needs for the best buffet.

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