Top 10 Best Event Planner Companies in Lahore

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the top 10 event planners in Lahore, Pakistan! Planning a memorable event can feel overwhelming. But to our surprise, Lahore is home to a diverse and talented community of event planners who excel in transforming ordinary occasions into extraordinary experiences.

Whether you’re organizing a wedding, corporate event, or social celebration, these selected best event planners in Lahore have built a strong reputation for their expertise, creativity, and flawless execution. Join us as we explore the remarkable services offered by Lahore’s very best event planners. So the list of the top 10 most reliable event planners in Lahore is given below:

  • JS Events
  • A2z Events Solutions
  • Peppermint Parties
  • Tulips Event Management
  • H&K Event Organisers
  • Seven Star Event Complex
  • Eventment Event Planner Company
  • J&T Events
  • Sohail’s Events
  • Innovative Event Experts

1. JS Events

top 10 event planners in lahore, js events planner in lahore

JS Events is the best event planning company in Lahore. They have over 18 years of experience in event planning, digital marketing, and brand-building services. This expertise makes them a 360-degree agency. Collecting details of your mind about the event is their priority.

That’s why they have a team to collect requirements and generate the best solutions seamlessly. They have successfully organized some of Pakistan’s largest events including Pakistan’s 70th anniversary, Samsung Galaxy S9 launch, Lux Style Award 2018-19, and many more.


Contact Number: 03314946458

2. A2z Events Solutions

top 10 event planners in lahore, a2z event planner in lahore

A2z Events is one of the leading names of event planners in the country. They have grown their network to a large extent in a short time. They have expertise in successfully organizing events, weddings, and different parties.

You can also get their assistance in functions planning, decoration, and catering. They have also established strong relationships with specialist suppliers in the Event Management industry and more specifically the wedding industry.


Contact Number: +92-3214268177

3. Peppermint Parties

top 10 event planners in lahore, pepermint parties event planner in lahore

Peppermint Parties are one of the best innovative and inspirational party planners in Lahore. They can be the best choice for your custom parties. Anything is a possibility as all their parties are bespoke and individually customized to suit customers’ needs.

They specialize in Baby Showers, Bachelorette Parties / Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, and Engagement Parties. But peppermint is not recommended for wedding event planning.

Website: Peppermint Parties

Contact Number: 0313 8449449


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4. Tulips Event Management

top 10 event planners in lahore, tulips event planners in lahore

Tulips Events are also one of the best event planner companies in Lahore. Since its inception in 2001, it evolved as a high-end event management company specializing in producing events that inspire and motivate. They are the best at converting your ideas into reality. They have the required expertise, staff, and equipment to cater to all your needs regarding event planning.

You can avail of full event management and planning including the creation and development of thematic concepts, food and beverage services, decoration and décor, and full entertainment for any event or campaign regardless of size or budget. 


Contact Number: 0321 4355789

5. H&K Event Organisers

top 10 event planners in lahore, h&k event planners in lahore

H&K Event Organisers are one of the best-emerging event planners in Lahore. It started 15 years ago. They can be your first choice for event planning. They believe in creating such events that take place in your memory permanently. You can get their help in organizing brand launch events to give a fresh perspective to your clients.

Their services include wedding events, party events, launch events, and much more.

Website: HkEventOrganizers

Contact Number: 0300 2931408

6. Seven Star Event Complex

top 10 event planners in lahore, seven star event planner in lahore

Seven Star Event Complex is the best event management company for the management of your most memorable moment of life. They specialize in managing wedding events. You can get their services for a unique wedding function.

Website: SevenStarEventComplex

Contact Number: 0300 9452888


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7. Eventment Events

top 10 event planners in lahore, eventment event planner in lahore

EventMent is a medium event planning company in Lahore. They can cater to all types of events from wedding functions to corporate events. Eventment has it all. They can arrange very fine birthday events.

Website: Eventment

Contact Number: 0321 4796663

8. J&T Events

top 10 event planners in lahore, j&t event planner in lahore

J&T Events is also one of the emerging event planner companies in Lahore. It is not only an event planning company. It is a team of dedicated and trained professionals heading forward to make your day, a memorable day.

J&T Events provide perfect Open Garden Decoration. Owing to the support of their experienced team members, this makes them able to arrange the best open garden event. They have successfully arranged a large number of events.

Website: officialjtevents

Contact Number: 03314946458

9. Sohail’s Events

top 10 event planners in lahore, sohail's event planner in lahore

Sohail’s Events was started back in 1993. With the passage of time, they have expanded and diversified their business to an event management house by the name of Sohail’s.

With their experience, they aim to provide innovative solutions to their clients, at affordable prices.

Website: Sohailevents

Contact Number: 0301 8206961


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10. Innovative Event Experts

top 10 event planners in lahore, innovative event expert event planner in lahore

 Innovative Event Expert is one of the best Event Planners in Lahore, in the Event Management Industry. They can arrange Weddings, Parties, and Functions Planning, designing, decorating, and Catering flawlessly.

They have solutions for all kinds of events like weddings, Birthday Parties, Get-Together, Family Parties, Corporate Events, Gala Nights, Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars, or any other type of Event.

Website: N/A

Contact Number: 0335 4666654


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