Top 10 Career Options for Women in Pakistan

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Top 10 Most Suitable Jobs for Women. Women are the main part of any society and women can contribute to its nation in multiple ways. But there are some barriers for women in Pakistan which makes them away from social work.

So to help women I have devised a list of some suitable jobs for women in Pakistan. Certainly! It’s important to note that suitable jobs for women in Pakistan can vary depending on individual skills, qualifications, and personal preferences.

If you want to earn by working from home then read Top 10 Freelancing Skills in 2023. However, here are some professions that are often considered suitable and accessible for women in Pakistan:

1. Teaching and Education (Taleem):

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, teaching jobs for women

Teaching is a noble profession that aligns with Islamic principles of seeking knowledge and sharing it with others. Women in Pakistan can contribute to society by becoming teachers, imparting valuable skills and moral values to future generations. They can play a crucial role in nurturing young minds, fostering a love for learning, and shaping the character of students.

Through education, women can promote Islamic values of compassion, empathy, and respect for others. Whether working in schools, colleges, or universities, these dedicated women inspire their students to pursue excellence, seek knowledge, and contribute positively to their communities. Moreover, teaching is a female dominant profession which makes it easier for women to perform their tasks freely.

2. Healthcare Sector (Sehat): 

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, health cARE JOBS FOR WOMEN

The healthcare sector offers a rewarding career path for women in Pakistan, allowing them to fulfill the Islamic value of caring for others. By pursuing professions such as doctors, nurses, or medical technicians, women contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities. They can provide medical care, alleviate suffering, and promote good health practices in accordance with Islamic teachings. These dedicated professionals embrace compassion, empathy, and mercy, reflecting the qualities emphasized in Islam. With their knowledge, skills, and commitment to excellence, these women can make a significant impact by improving the health and quality of life of countless individuals across Pakistan.


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3. Information Technology (IT) (Teknoloji):

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, it jobs for women

Women in Pakistan’s IT industry play a vital role in advancing technology while adhering to Islamic principles. Through their skills in software engineering, web development, and data analysis, they can contribute to the growth of digital innovation. These women embrace the Islamic value of seeking knowledge, utilizing technology for the betterment of society. By creating user-friendly interfaces, secure applications, and efficient systems, they contribute to improved communication, productivity, and access to information. In the field of IT, women have the opportunity to bridge gender gaps and promote inclusivity, ensuring that technological advancements benefit all segments of society.

4. Banking and Finance (Maaliyat):

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, banking jobs for women

Women in Pakistan’s banking and finance sector contribute to the economy while adhering to Islamic principles of transparency and fairness. Through roles as bank officers, financial analysts, or accountants, they can provide essential services to individuals and businesses. These women can uphold the Islamic values of honesty, integrity, and responsible financial management. They ensure compliance with Islamic banking principles, such as avoiding interest-based transactions (riba) and promoting profit-sharing arrangements (mudarabah). By facilitating access to financial services, they contribute to economic empowerment and social welfare. Women in banking and finance provide financial advice, help individuals make informed decisions, and support businesses in managing their finances.

5. Journalism and Media (Sahafat):

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, journalism jobs for women

Women working in journalism and media in Pakistan fulfill the Islamic value of truthfulness (haqq) by providing accurate and unbiased information. As journalists, news anchors, or content writers, they can play a crucial role in disseminating news, raising awareness, and promoting social justice. These women embody the Islamic principles of accountability, justice, and freedom of expression. They strive to provide balanced and objective coverage, presenting diverse perspectives and addressing societal issues. By highlighting positive stories, inspiring change, and advocating for the rights of the marginalized, they contribute to a more informed and inclusive society.


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6. Social Work and Non-Profit Organizations (Ikhlas):

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, social working jobs for women

Women involved in social work and non-profit organizations embody the Islamic value of sincerity (ikhlas) by dedicating themselves to helping others. Through their work in NGOs, community organizations, and social welfare projects, they address the needs of vulnerable populations, promote social justice, and alleviate poverty. These women provide vital support to individuals and communities, working towards the betterment of society. Their selfless service reflects the Islamic value of serving humanity, as they strive to uplift the marginalized, empower the disadvantaged, and create a more equitable society.

7. Fashion Designing and Textile Industry (Libas): 

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, fashion designing jobs for women

Women in Pakistan’s fashion and textile industry have the opportunity to contribute to the economy while promoting modesty and cultural values in attire. Through their work as fashion designers, textile designers, or fashion consultants, they can cater to the growing demand for modest and culturally appropriate clothing. These women uphold Islamic principles of modesty (haya) and dignity in appearance. They can create innovative designs that reflect the diverse cultural heritage of Pakistan, incorporating traditional elements into contemporary fashion.

8. Entrepreneurship and Business (Tijarat):

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, enterpreneurship jobs for women

Women entrepreneurs in Pakistan embody the Islamic value of economic self-reliance and contribute to the growth of the economy. By establishing startups and businesses, they can create employment opportunities, drive innovation, and promote ethical business practices. These women can uphold Islamic principles of fairness, transparency, and social responsibility. They strive for excellence in their products and services while adhering to Islamic guidelines regarding contracts, customer relations, and financial transactions. Women in entrepreneurship can contribute to the economic empowerment of women, encouraging them to pursue their passions and achieve financial independence.


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9. Law and Legal Services (Qanoon):

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, lawyer jobs for women

Women working in the legal profession in Pakistan can contribute to the administration of justice while upholding Islamic principles of fairness, equity, and the rule of law. As lawyers, legal advisors, or judges, they play a critical role in resolving disputes, advocating for the rights of individuals, and maintaining social order. These women embody the Islamic principles of justice (adl) and fairness (insaf) by ensuring equal treatment under the law. They uphold legal ethics and professional standards while representing their clients or adjudicating cases. Women in the legal field can promote access to justice also.

10. Tourism and Hospitality (Safar-o-Mehman Nawazi): 

top 10 jobs for women in pakistan, tourism profession for women

Women working in the tourism and hospitality industry in Pakistan contribute to intercultural understanding, showcase Islamic heritage, and extend warm hospitality to visitors. As tour guides, hotel managers, event planners, or travel consultants, they promote Pakistan as a destination of historical, cultural, and natural significance. These women embody the Islamic values of generosity (sakhawat) and kindness (rahma), providing visitors with memorable experiences and fostering a positive image of the country. They showcase the rich Islamic heritage of Pakistan, from historical sites to religious landmarks.

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