Top 10 Best Heater Brands In Pakistan 2024

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Winters are around the corner and we all want to enjoy winter without the risk of falling sick. . There are many heater brands available in the market some are local and some are imported. Do you want to know what is the best brand of electric heater? we are going to share the Top 10 best electric heater brands in Pakistan.

Top 10 Heater Brands:

  • Sogo
  • Seco
  • E-lite
  • Geepas
  • Sinbo
  • National
  • Westpoint
  • Sencor
  • Philips
  • Super Asia

1. Sogo

Sogo is a Pakistani company with multiple solar, electric, and lighting products in the market. SOGO is one of the most prominent Groups in Pakistan. Known for its reliability and quality the company is preferred by many for its domestic electronics. SOGO has become the dominant brand by providing its services over the decades. They specialize in the design & manufacture of unique equipment to fulfill consumers’ requirements. Since its inception, SOGO has focused on the people of Pakistan empowering them with the most reliable products.


2. Seco

Seco is a popular Japanese company providing high-quality, affordable electric heaters for domestic use. Being a Japanese company, the quality of their products is uncompromisable. They have a wide range of heaters available in every type you may think about. Their products are full of the latest options. Its energy-efficient technology keeps your electricity bills in check and the over-heat protection makes it safe to use in indoor spaces. Their long life and energy-saving capabilities make them prominent from others in the market. The company also offers a brand warranty (period depending on the product.


3. E-lite

Elite is one of the best home appliances brands in Pakistan. Elite is a platform facilitating the purchase of top-grade electronic appliances in Pakistan. Their heaters are very famous in the market because of their capabilities. They provide customers with high-grade home appliances, with a warranty extending up to a few years. E-Lite provides you with a wide range of products, made available to you at affordable prices. Their heaters offer all the latest heating functions and safety options.


4. Geepas

Geepas is an international home appliances brand offering products in every category of home appliances. Their products are really reliable and are trusted worldwide in different categories because of their supreme quality. Geepas heaters are highly trusted in Pakistan because of their different technology. Every time they introduce new technology in their products to equalize the competition in the market. Their designs are very different from other brands and they always try to introduce something new. Their wall-mounted heater is very different. Most their products provide two years warranty.

Official Store: Daraz/Geepas

5. Sinbo

Sinbo is a 20-year-old brand that achieved to merge the traditional values of these lands with global values. Since its inception Sinbo has focused on the people of Pakistan empowering them with the most reliable products like Electric heaters, Fan heaters, and Room heaters, Electric Room Heater. The primary target of Sinbo is to establish the MADE IN UAE and UAE QUALITY throughout the world. Sinbo specializes in the design & manufacture of unique equipment to fulfill consumers’ requirements. For 20 years, Sinbo achieved to infuse the traditional values of this land with global values. Regardless of its young age, Sinbo’s sturdy and robust structure ensured that its one of the most significant small house appliances manufacturing centers in Turkey.

Official Store: Daraz/Sinbo

6. National

Established as a Private Limited Company in 1992, M/s ICE AGE Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Has been producing for both domestic and commercial use. With its head office in OKARA, Pakistan, it is ISO 9001 approved and adheres to IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Standards. Starting with humble origins 2 decades ago, the company began with 6 models of deep freezers and is now positioned as one of the leading electronic manufacturers in Pakistan with the largest available range of home appliances amongst numerous other electric appliances.


7. Westpoint

Westpoint is basically a Chinese brand being settled in Pakistan. They have been serving for over 25 years in Pakistan as makers of Home Appliances. They have blended technology and innovation to set new quality benchmarks in every product category. They invest in researching the needs of society and designing the perfect appliances which are easy to use, durable, energy efficient, and smart to look at.


8. Sencor

Sencor is basically a Japanese brand that started about 50 years ago when Japan was dealing with the war crisis. The main tagline of Sencor is the technology which remains significant from other brands. Sencor Home Appliances are being renowned all over the world because of their quality and extraordinary skills in technology. Today, SENCOR focuses on several trends, making it an exclusive brand in the worldwide market. First and foremost is its wide range of products. If we see their variety of heaters then a large range is available. You can choose from hot air heaters, ceramic heaters, hot air fans whatever you want. They all provide quick heating for your office and home.


9. Phillips

Royal Philips, commonly shortened to Philips is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation that was founded in Eindhoven. Since 1997, it has been mostly headquartered in Amsterdam. Philips was formerly one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Philips generated 2019 sales of EUR 19.5 billion and employs approximately 81,000 employees with sales and services in more than 100 countries. Phillips provides all in all Appliances for every category. Philips Appliances is the official distributor in Pakistan of Philips.


10. Super Asia

Super Asia Group was founded in 1975 by Late Mian Muhammad Din. Today Super Asia is a group of companies with various businesses serving its customers in Pakistan. Super Asia covers a substantial market share when we talk about Home Appliances. We have seen a lot of innovations in their products in recent years. Today, with over 100+ years of heating innovation experience, Super Asia offers a wide range of heaters that meet unique residential heating demands. You can get many kinds of geysers. Their products are energy-efficient and price friendly.


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